Legacy Center–Under Construction

SAN DIEGO – Six years after purchasing the aging Mission Valley Resort on Hotel Circle South, demolition of the former resort is complete, and the Morris Cerullo Legacy International Center is moving from the past into its future.

Designed by the renowned San Diego architect Gordon Carrier and his Carrier Johnson team, and being constructed by Clark Construction (builder of Petco Park and the Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton), grading has already begun at the site. Retaining walls are under construction and underground sewer and storm drain lines are being installed. Due to open in November 2019, the Legacy Center will bring a world-class resort hotel and a cutting-edge, technologically advanced visitor experience to San Diego.

This “Destination with a Destiny” resort is expected to attract visitors from across the region, the United States, and from around the world, where Dr. Morris Cerullo, the center’s patron, has spent his life ministering face to face to over 5 million people.

The Welcome Center will feature a 30-foot diameter interactive globe of the world, offering information on cities, countries, and cultures through dozens of touch screen panels. Rock-wall-lined Roman catacombs will transport the visitor back 2,000 years to ancient cultures.

The centerpiece of the Welcome Center is the 100-seat, full-motion-seat History Dome Theater, which will feature films produced by Disney alumni, Visioneering. In “Wings over Israel” a visitor will soar above the tree tops, coastline, and historic sites of Israel—from the Sea of Galilee, Masada, the Jordan River, and Jerusalem, in a breathtaking experience.

Also featured is “Walk through the Bible,” a thrilling 4-dimensional journey through the Bible from Genesis to Jesus Christ. The theatre is equipped with motion seats, wind, fog, light strobes, and scents, to fully immerse the visitor in a complete experience.

The 127-room, luxurious Legacy Resort Hotel, replete with a world-class restaurant, “Theresa’s,” a spa, and full fitness facilities, will be open to the public. “The Patio” restaurant will provide a more casual dining experience, and catering services that will allow visiting groups and the community to hold receptions and special events.

The project also has a replica of Jerusalem’s Western Wall that stands 16 feet high and 110 feet long. The wall is to be made out of stone imported from Jerusalem.

An indoor-outdoor marketplace, selling goods from around the world, will be located near the Wailing Wall replica, in which visitors can feel like they are shopping in another part of the world.

The Pavilion will feature a 500-seat theatre, capable of live-stage productions and first-run film showings, along with a learning and conference center.

“The Legacy International Center is being created for you. No matter what your background, culture, or beliefs, Legacy will bring you a one-of-a-kind experience that you will never forget,” says Dr. Morris Cerullo.

Dr. Cerullo, affectionately known as “Papa” to millions across the globe who have been touched by his decades of personal ministry, is known for his outreaches to the people in 400 cities, in 93 nations, on 7 continents over the past 70-plus years.

The Legacy International Center is an 18-acre luxury resort located in the heart of Mission Valley, in San Diego, California, and is scheduled to open in November 2019.